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With PERSIMMON PATCH , your business will find ways to ensure that your customers recognize the differance between your company and the competition. Promotional items like hats , mugs , portfolio bags , key chains will establish your business and give you the opportunity to explain why your company is the right choice. In addition, why PERSIMMON PATCH is YOUR right choice! Promotional products like logoed chocolates or hand sanitizers gives customers the feeling that THEY are part of a team... Their team! If you give free promotional products to your target market that is practical, cutting edge or useful in their professional or personal lives, Your business is sending the message that you understand their specific needs. By giving a promotional item that your target market wants and needs, your business will take a step above the competition and be the favored choice for all future business together! Specialty items develop a personal relationship with future customers and help strengthen relationships that already exist! Building a solid , strong foundation with clients is a goal of ours and with this train of thought , we are eager beyond comparison!

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